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Malnutrition Solution Center


  • Nutrition Focused Physical Exam Hands-On Training Workshop

Championing eCQMs

The four malnutrition eCQMs have been adopted by numerous health systems and hospitals throughout the nation. View the below videos to learn about RDN success stories, hear a leadership message from the Academy president and stakeholders and apply the call to action.

Malnutrition Codes – Characteristics and Sentinel Markers (includes FAQ for adults and pediatrics)

EAL: Evidence Analysis Library

Malnutrition Quality Improvement Initiative (MQII)

Alliance to Advance Patient Nutrition 
ANHI – Malnutrition Resource Center 
Nestle Nutrition Institute

American Health Information Management Association
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. International Classification of Diseases
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

NFPE Training Opportunities
Rutgers – Nutrition Focused Physical Examination – A Physical Assessment Workshop for Registered Dietitians
Cleveland Clinic – Nutrition Focused Physical Assessment Training: Learning How to Diagnosis Malnutrition

NFPE Products
NFPE Pocket Guide and Pediatric NFPE Pocket Guide
DNS Nutrition Focused Physical Exam video 
NFPA: Making Clinical Connections by Mary Litchford, PhD, RD, LDN

Malnutrition/NFPE Articles

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