Posters/Abstracts 2019

Ketogenic Diet VS Low-Fat Diet For Weight Loss

Alternate Day Fasting Verses Traditional Caloric Restriction

Mediterranean Diet and Weight Loss

Metabolic Changes in Weight Loss and Weight Regain: A Review of the Literature

Sulforaphane Supplementation and Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Enteral Nutrition Support in Critically Ill Patients-Feeding Misconceptions and Research Controversies

Does Maternal Diet During Pregnancy Influence Development of Allergic Disease in Offspring?

Effects of Probiotics on Adults with Parkinson's Disease and Constipation

New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative

Availability and Comparative Pricing of Fruits and Vegetables at the Corner Stores and Supermarkets in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Comparison Of Non-Dairy Milk (NDM) and Dairy Milk(DM) Composition

The Effect of Plant vs Animal Protein Supplementation on Performance, Body Compostion, and Muscle Size and Function in Adult Athletes

Clinical Faculty Preceptor Model for Acute Care Clinical Training of Dietetic Interns

Bodacious Broccoli Assessing Preschool-Aged Children's Liking And Acceptance of Broccoli in Diffferent Cooking Forms

Dietary Intake Patterns and Lifestyle Characteristics of Elementary School Children in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Comparison of Plate Waste at Two Dining Halls at Montclair State University

Effects of Nutrition Intervention and Meal Planning Education on % HgA1c in Food Insecure Adults with Diabetes

A Forward Focus on Plants: Students' Perception of Plant Forward Dishes

Gender Variability of Salad Consumption Among College Students at Montclair State University

Bone Quality in Overweight and Obese Older Men and Women

Social Ecological Barriers And Facilitators to WIC Farmers Market Nutrition Program Redemption