private practice

A registered dietitian nutritionist can help you translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. Whether you are suffering from a medical condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, looking to lose weight, or training for a marathon, registered dietitian nutritionists can work with you in a, one-on-one setting, to help you meet your individual goals toward a more healthful, balanced lifestyle.

Group Counseling

Meeting with a registered dietitian nutritionist in a group setting provides a social environment for individuals to learn about nutrition in a supportive, encouraging climate to help people improve their lifestyle and overall health.

Grocery Store




Health Expo/ Conference

Registered dietitian nutritionists are trained, trusted, nutrition experts that can help you navigate the grocery store aisles. You may find a registered dietitian nutritionist in your local supermarket. Registered dietitian nutritionists can help you read and compare food labels, assist in making everyday food choices, explain meal preparation, help create a food budget, and host cooking demonstrations – all while keeping your safety and overall health in mind.


Founded in 2006, ShopRite’s Registered Dietitian program has hundreds of Registered Dietitians servicing over 140 ShopRite locations across the Northeast.

ShopRite’s in-store Registered Dietitian program provides complimentary services such as one-on-one consultations, supermarket tours, support groups, weight management classes, kids and adult cooking classes and in-store product samplings. To find a ShopRite Dietitian near you, visit:  

Registered dietitian nutritionists present evidence-based nutrition information at seminars, workshops, and lectures to medical professionals and the public. These speaking engagements provide education on medical nutrition therapy and chronic disease management that promote health and prevent disease. Knowledge is power and learning from a registered dietitian nutritionist is the best way to stay informed on food and nutrition science.